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General provisions and limitation of liability

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The team of THIS RESOURCE warns that investing in any type of digital assets, both at the stage of token sale and buying on exchanges, trading and exchange of digital assets carries a very high risk of loss of invested funds.

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We do not encourage or recommend to participate in sales of tokens of any projects that are posted on our site. We just provide objective information and our opinions about the projects on which studies were conducted.

We do not encourage anyone to take into account our research and conclusions when making a decision on participating in the sale of tokens. On the contrary, we categorically do not recommend participating in any sales of tokens based on someone's opinion without a clear understanding of what you are doing. If you decide to participate in the sales of tokens or the acquisition of tokens on the exchange based on the information from THIS RESOURCE, remember - YOU DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK. You should clearly understand the technology of the project and the risks, weigh the pros and cons and also take into account that the sphere of digital assets is extremely volatile and ANY investment WITHOUT EXCLUSION is a very big risk.

THIS RESOURCE does not guarantee that the use of any posted information including the "Rating" and the conclusions of the team of THIS PROJECT will allow you to make a profit. THIS RESOURCE, its Administration, team, partners and representatives are not and do not pretend to be financial advisers, consultants and experts in the field of financial activities. We are not a legal entity and do not provide consulting services, nor do we perform actions requiring registration as a legal entity.

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Despite the fact that the Administration and the team of this resource do everything possible to ensure the correctness and availability of the information placed on THIS RESOURCE, the Administration does not assume responsibility for the operability, uninterrupted availability of THIS RESOURCE, as well as for its timely and correct updating.

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