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AERGO is a platform for developers of dApps, using advanced and simple development tools.

Date 13.09.2018 - 20.09.2020

Hardcap 30,000,000 $



Pay attention

There will no crowd sale! There will be RewardDrop, the exact information about Drop will be published in the near future.

AERGO is a platform for developers of dApps, using advanced and simple development tools.

AERGO offers comprehensive IT integration and support services for customers who want to implement and support new products and business services.

The project is developing its own blockchain. As an algorithm for achieving consensus is Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS). It is the basic and consistent model for AERGO (this algorithm is already used by EOS, Steem and BitShares).

But nevertheless, the AERGO network is aimed at supporting other consensus algorithms and it allows choosing and determining the algorithm that users want to use based on their business requirements.

As a tool for writing applications, AERGO will present the first platform with key functions and concepts, SQL (structured query language), a declarative programming language.

The virtual machine of the platform is called SQLVM.

In addition, the AERGO platform supports the Ethereum virtual machine. It is necessary to achieve compatibility between different types of smart contracts.


500 million AERGO tokens are in total. The price of the token is $0.20. Hard cap - 32 million dollars. Private Sale – 144,151,452 (28.8%) of the AERGO token were sold. Airdrop – 17,726,472 (3.6%) of the AERGO token. Distribution of tokens: 30% - for sale; 30% - for community and strategic partners; 25% - reserve; 10% - for advisers and key partners; 5% - for employees.


The team consists of 6 board members and committee leaders, 5 developers, 4 business specialists. Phil Zamani is the chairman of the board. Chief Operating Officer of Blocko Inc. has 20 years of work experience with open source code and business of cloud technologies.

Roderik van der Graaf is a board member. The founder of Lemniscap (consultations and investments in blockchain). He has considerable work experience in banks and venture capital.


Blocko, a Korean company, a technological predecessor of AERGO, is a platform with the same operating principle as AERGO, only for private blockchains.

Competitors are Morpheus Labs, UNIBRIGHT, SOPHIATX


AERGO is a blockchain platform, a continuation of the already existing Korean company Blocko. There is MVP. Jurisdiction of Hong Kong. The source code is published on the GitHub. The main volume of tokens is sold on the pre-sale (28.8%). The remaining 3.6% of tokens will be distributed among the active participants. The team has experience in the development of blockchain. They invested in funds with links, resources that can help with the promotion. Currently, the project is one of the most high-quality and interesting in the ICO market, so it gets the maximum score.


Hong Kong, Wanchai

Token type

Own blockchain

Token price

0.20 USD

Token issue

Tokens will be released over a twelve month period, starting at the upcoming token generation event.

Available for token sale

Private sale - 144 151 452 , Airdrop -17726472

Total tokens

Polychain Capital Polychain Capital
1kx 1kx
 Sequoia Capital Sequoia Capital
Huobi Capital Huobi Capital
Multicoin Capital Multicoin Capital
 BlockChain Capital BlockChain Capital
Ceyuan Digital Assets Ceyuan Digital Assets
Dekrypt Capital Dekrypt Capital
Matrix Partners China Matrix Partners China
Bixin Capital Bixin Capital
1confirmation 1confirmation
amberai amberai
Breyercapital Breyercapital
Divergence Digital Currency Divergence Digital Currency
Distributed Global Distributed Global
ImToken ImToken
Kindred Ventures Kindred Ventures
Passport Capital Passport Capital
VyCapital VyCapital
Spark Pool Spark Pool
SRC Capital SRC Capital
Wanxiang Blockchain Wanxiang Blockchain
zk Capital zk Capital