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Unlocking the potential of informal economy with DeFi

Date 16.07.2019 12:00 - 18.09.2020

Hardcap 15,000,000 $



Akropolis is a domain-specific financial protocol dedicated to the needs of the informal bank-less economy. It can be implemented on any blockchain with a Turing-complete virtual machine.

Key Features

  • No bank account required

  • DeFi integrations provide for a continuous savings rate

  • No need for long-term lockups to receive interest - continuous interest payment

  • Resistance to fraud or manipulation

  • Provable solvency

  • Ability to receive funds even if the organisation dissolves or fails

  • Scaling potential to co-operative bank model

  • User incentives to grow the network, lower the cost of use and speed up the delivery of services

  • Full funds ownerships in a trustless way: funds are stored in an on-chain ledger where only verified users with permissions have access to them

  • Transparent, real-time, immutable financial record-keeping for every user – solving fraud and minimizing the misuse of funds through multi-signature fund deployment

  • Programmable immutable smart-contracts that allow users to create automated financial algorithms. These algorithms implement the functionality of existing financial instruments and enable the creation of a large array of novel financial tools.

Technical Architecture

The architecture of Akropolis protocol, as a TCP/IP construction, is structured in several layers, each of which is responsible for a separate function:

  • Identity Management module (IM)

  • Accounting module

  • AFO maintenance and Governance Module

  • Network Governance module

  • Payment processing Module (C2FC Framework)

Each level has its own API for interacting with other layers or for interacting with applications built on our protocol and third-party solutions.

Cross-functionality between AFOs will initially be limited to basic exchanges of value.


July 2019 - Integration with DeFi and legacy financial infrastructure (Custody services, Fiat on ramps, payment services).

August 2019 - Alpha release. Initial mainnet implementation of protocol.

November 2019 - Beta release. All functionality has been deployed on mainnet.

March 2020 - Mainnet launch.


The Akropolis token can be classified as a Network Token, combining the Work and Governance functionality. It provides the right to contribute work to a network and participate in the governance process. Its utility is derived from the decentralized coordination of token holders, as with Augur (REP) and MakerDAO (MKR).

As such, the AKRO token is an essential element of the protocol internal economy and cannot be replaced by an external stablecoin. The token staking and governance approach requires a token whose value is connected to the current network and not tied to other projects and networks.

Maker, Polkadot, Wyre, POA, Bancor, Zerion



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