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Distributed Cloud Computing on Trusted Hardware

Date 15.09.2018 - 20.09.2020

Hardcap 18,700,000 $



The Ankr network develops its own blockchain, which consists of main blockchain and subsidiary blockchains. The main blockchain works on the Proof of Useful Work consensus (PoUW), while the subsidiary chains will work on the basis of PbFT consensus - a protocol based on the task about Byzantine generals.

The PoUW protocol is based on the so-called "trusted equipment" technology and works on processors with SGX support. The developers claim that this helps to ensure a high level of security and confidentiality. By June 2018, the Ankr project had almost 30,000 participants. It is an impressive indicator, taking into account the early stage of the project.

The development team is allegedly based in California (the USA), although almost all of them are representatives of Korea. There are no titled representatives, which cannot be said about advisers - there are a few interesting personalities. Jz Zhang is a technical adviser, a developer in companies such as Yahoo, Microsoft, Blackberry and others. David P. Anderson is an American researcher in the Space Science Laboratory at the University of Berkeley. The team itself is young, ambitious and promising.

The token should be used as a value store and means for transferring values. Another function is the charges for calculating of PoUW for the miners. The price of the token will grow in proportion to the demand for computing power and user activity within the platform.

The companies that acted as strategic investors are Neo Global Capital, DHVC, OK Blockchain Capital, LinkVC, GBIC and BlockVC. Tjis demonstrates a good potential of the project. The project can become profitable if the developers manage to create what they promise.




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OK Blockchain Capital OK Blockchain Capital
Blockvc Blockvc
MW Partners MW Partners
Pantera Pantera
Kosmos Capital Kosmos Capital
Danhua Capital (DHVC) Danhua Capital (DHVC)
Node Capital Node Capital
Dynamic Fintech Group (DFG) Dynamic Fintech Group (DFG)
GBIC (Global Blockchain Innovative Capital) GBIC (Global Blockchain Innovative Capital)
Lemniscap Lemniscap
LinkVC LinkVC
Nirvana Capital Nirvana Capital
AlphaCoin Fund AlphaCoin Fund
UpHonest Capital UpHonest Capital
Torchlight Ventures Torchlight Ventures