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ARPA is a secure network that is compatible with blockchains.

Date 25.04.2019 - 20.09.2020

Hardcap 8,000,000 $


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ARPA is a secure computing network compatible with block chains.


It is a secure computer network based on multi-party computation (MPC). ARPA cryptographically includes Private Smart Contract, data privacy protection, and scalable computing.

Privacy & Security

MPC allows a set of parties to jointly compute a function over their input data while maintaining their confidentiality.

Flexibility & Compatibility

The ARPA network is flexible, easy to use and compatible with existing blockchains such as Ethereum and EOS.

Scalability & Efficiency

Lightning performance for massive deployments with verifiable computations. Off-chain network is capable for computing and storage at the industrial level.

Team: Chuang Han is a software engineer at Google, Uber, Amazon. Among the advisor is the founder of the Arrington xrp capital - Michael Arrington. GBIC, Connect capital invested in ARPA.

Roadmap: Q4 2018 Testnet

Q1 2019 Private smart contract

Q2 2019 Mainnet

Q1 2020 Decentralized MPC network

Conclusion: There is no WP, although according to the roadmap it should already be. The site has little information, it is difficult to say about the technology. There are no metrics for the token. The idea can exist. A team of doctors of science, software engineers, serious programmers. A decent group of advisors. Famous funds with connections. We are watching it.



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Own blockchain

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0.02 USD

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Arrington XRP Capital Arrington XRP Capital
Connect Capital Connect Capital
GBIC (Global Blockchain Innovative Capital) GBIC (Global Blockchain Innovative Capital)
Coefficient Ventures Coefficient Ventures
Ledger Capital Ledger Capital