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BloXroute resolves the information propagation bottleneck, allowing all nodes to maintain the consensus over the state of the blockchain, even when mining thousands of transactions per second, on-chain.

Date TBA

Hardcap 1,600,000 $


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The Bloxroute solution is to create a reliable intermediate transport protocol. Bloxroute allows you to safely increase the block size, reduce block processing time, reduce the risk of creating a fork, and support fast transaction processing without confirmation. To use bloxroute, no changes are needed in the blockchain protocol or consensus. Bloxroute can be deployed gradually on each node of the network until the entire network is covered. The project removes the bottleneck of scalability, namely, the long time required to synchronize all nodes when processing large volumes of TPS, and does so in neutral mode (this means eliminating the effect of the accelerated blockchain on the original protocol).

Token: Utility token, tokenometrics is not known yet.


Uri Klarman, CEO of Bloxroute – Uri’s doctoral dissertation at Northwestern University.

EMIN GÜN SIRER – Chief Scientist, Cornell University – a leader in cryptospace since the early days, playing a key role in building Nakamoto consensus and detecting DAO errors. Innovative network solutions as well as network scaling solutions. Creating a basic Bloxroute item – Falcon.

Aleksandar Kuzmanovic, Chief Architect, Northwestern University is an expert on network neutrality and a permanent lecturer at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Northwestern University. His work, Net Neutrality, won the NSF CAREER Award. He is also the founder and member of the Google Measurement Lab. His research on network congestion, traffic analysis and content distribution is widespread on the Internet.

Soumya Basu – CTO, Cornell University – a member of the famous IC3 group (the discovery of cryptography and contracts) at Cornell University. He is very famous for creating the Falcon network, which is a priority application on the Bitcoin network since April 2016. He won the NSF and ACM SIGCOMM Award.

As you can see, Bloxroute is the brainchild of experts from Cornell University and Northwestern University.

Advisors: Navel Ravikant – Angel Investor, CEO and Co-Founder, Angelist. He is an investor in many companies, including Twitter, Uber, Yammer, Stack Overflow and Wanelo.

Injong Rhee is an entrepreneur at Google Residence, CTO, Head of Samsung Research and Development, Professor of North Carolina, etc.

Bruce Maggs is a professor of computer science at Duke University, vice chairman of Akamai Technologies, Inc. Professor at Carnegie Mellon University. Master of Computer Science at University of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, etc.

Competitors: Toda Network.

Conclusion: Strengths – innovative technology, experienced strong team, serious financial investments from partners. Among the disadvantages, there is no ICO data, no roadmap, empty GitHub, but these disadvantages can be explained by the fact that the team is fully engaged in development, since the initial funds for it have already been received. Bloxroute is a potentially strong project, but in order to draw conclusions about investment attractiveness, we need more detailed information, so we will wait for it.



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