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Date 26.08.2018 14:00 - 20.09.2020

Hardcap 47,000 $



Carry is a platform that connects merchants and consumers using blockchain. Merchants and consumers are the most important participants of the system and use Carry Protocol to communicate and interact in various ways. Another participant in the Carry Protocol is advertisers, many of whom are expected initially to be merchants in the system. Carry Protocol comprises of two major parts, each with two components : First is the blockchain itself that houses 1) Carry transaction database, and 2) Carry smart contracts, and second is a set of APIs that connect the blockchain to third party software, including 3) Carry wallet API and 4) Carry device API. 1) Carry transaction database refers to the virtual database on the blockchain where the transaction data is generated and uploaded by consumers. 2) Carry smart contract supports the issuance and use of tokens (CRE and BT) on the Carry Protocol. 3) Carry wallet API enables wallet apps to support Carry Protocol and lets consumers manage their cryptocurrency, control their transaction data & privacy settings. 4) Carry device API is an API that allows devices at the stores to support Carry Protocol, and provides the function to pay with cryptocurrency and sends payment data to consumer’s wallet. Each of the above will be explained in further detail.






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USA, China

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