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CertiK is a formal verification platform for smart contracts and blockchain-ecosystems

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CertiK is a platform for formal verification (the act of proving or disproving the correctness of algorithms) for smart contracts and blockchain-ecosystems. It allows to prove mathematically that smart contracts and blockchain-ecosystems are unmistakable and resistant to hacker attacks.

Audit of smart contracts is performed by manual code verification. The CertiK team automated everything.

There is even an article where the team tells how they found an error in the smart contract ICON.

The problem of verifying the code is actually one of the most acute for the whole blockchain community.

At the moment, all the errors of the blockchains are detected manually, which explains the popularity of such a service as GitHub. That is, if the project has published its code on GitHub, then the community has the opportunity to verify it.

This method of analysis has two disadvantages. The first is the human factor. The second disadvantage is checking the code of purse of smart contracts. Everyone knows the story of The DAO project with the theft of $50 million in ETH. As a result of this story, Ethereum Classic appeared.

The CertiK team found a solution how to minimize the cost of such audits and scale processes with the help of the blockchain community. That is, to allow people to check on their local machines and encourage everyone for participation in this procedure.

The CertiK platform mathematically proves that the blockchains do not contain errors.

The CertiK team developed special modular verification techniques to solve the problem automatically in a decentralized style.

Checked objects can be created and encoded in CertiK platform transactions and then will be checked by other participants.

So, the CertiK blockchain platform is designed to work as certificates to ensure end-to-end correctness and security of verified smart contracts, libraries of decentralized application (dApp), and the implementation of the blockchain itself.  

The consensus is expected to be achieved with the new Proof-of-Proof (PoP) algorithm.

Token CTK, which carries the functions of mutual settlements in the system. Including, as a compensation for the miners, providing the functioning of the platform. For the time, the ICO token will function on the Ethereum platform (ERC-20). When you run the main network, the tokens will be on their own blockchain.

There are 100 million CTK tokens in total.

There are no details about the crowd sale yet.

Private sale started on February 5, 2018.


Ronghui Gu is a co-founder. An expert in the field of official verification of system software. The main developer of CertiKOS

Zhong Shao is a co-founder. A prominent figure in the field of cybersecurity, programming languages, operating systems and certified software. Together with the FLINT group, he also developed CertiKOS.

Vilhelm Sjöberg is a researcher. An expert in software testing and programming languages.

Partners: Nebulas, Ontology, INK, PCHAIN, ICONFoundation, Bitmain, Vechain, Jenga, NEO, Qtum, Waves, Aelf.  

Conclusion: The project is under discussion. The topic is very relevant. Jurisdiction of the USA. There is no source code on GitHub, apparently, because of the specifics of the project. There is MVP. Impossible to get it WL. The team with a profile experience. Impressive portfolio of investment funds. Binance Labs is among them. We are waiting for news from the team.






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