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Relational blockchain technology for mainstream dapps

Date 28.05.2019 - 28.05.2019

Hardcap 13,000,000 $



Chromapolis is the platform for decentralized applications, which facilitates creation, monitoring, administration and scaling of decentralized applications (dApps).

Chromapolis includes such features as:

  • High speeds - they are achieved using the Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance (PBFT) algorithm, which has the ability to support additional fault tolerance and has a high transaction confirmation rate.
  • High scalability - each dApp on the network gets its own blockchain, which is managed by its own nodes. This results in a predictable transaction time of at least 500 transactions per second (tps) for each sidechain and allows you to maintain an increasing number of dApps without clogging the network.
  • Low commission - Chromapolis does not directly charge a commission for transactions, since dApps are not built as smart contracts. The commission is paid once by the developers.

Chromapolis uses a relational model and combines it with the blockchain capabilities to provide scalability and allow dApps to implement resource management freely.

The test version of Chromapolis will be released in September 2018, and the release of MVP is scheduled for October 2018. The full version of the platform is planned for Q1 2019.

Chromapolis is supported by ChromaWay blockchain, which is based in Stockholm, Sweden. The company has been operating since 2014 and has entered into a number of prestigious partnerships with the Bank of Sweden, Landshypotek Bank.

The company also developed several products, such as SofiWay, a network for the immediate calculation of direct payments, which supports the digital currency E-krona used by the Bank of Sweden. In addition, ChromaWay developed a database of the consortium Postchain - a protocol that works with open source along with the most widely used database systems and does not require specialized block developers or experimental code base. It allows you to implement blockchain solutions by the SQL developer. Postchain was specifically designed to support the database architecture of the consortium and is used by the governments of Sweden and India.

Token: Chroma tokens provide an incentive mechanism in the Chromapolis ecosystem. Ticker: CHROMA, Hard Cap: $ 15 million, price of the Crowdsale token: $ 0.10

Total tokens: 100 million

Tokens are distributed as follows:

  • ChromaWay Reserve 40%
  • Airdrop 30%
  • Investors of Presale 15%
  • Team (including advisors) 10%
  • Market Making Contract 3%
  • Core Node Compensation 2%

The team has a professional background. Henrik Hjelte (Co-Founder) is the CEO of ChromaWay. He has more than 25 years of experience as a developer and 10 years as an businessman. Henrik was the founder of Stix Internet Company and a former senior consultant in finance and information technology.

Or Perelman (Co-Founder) is the Chief Operating Officer at ChromaWay. He was one of the founders of Safebit, user-friendly bitcoin-purse. In ChromaWay there are several advisors, which include Charlie Lee from Litecoin and Vinny Lingham from Civic. Richard Brown is the head of R3 CEV technology with a work experience as an executive architect in the innovation, banking and financial markets for IBM UK. YISEUL CHO (venture partner of FBG and co-founder of Hashed).

Conclusion: A solid project supported by a team with great experience in developing blockchain products. They have experience in implementing blockchain technology in the financial sector. Investors were not disclosed. The project has some obvious strengths, such as the technical base. In addition, the project is being developed by the ChromaWay team, which has a real world experience in the development of blockchain systems since 2014 and has already received recognition from prestigious organizations (banks, NGOs and governments). There will be no public sale.



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