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Cognida Blockchain provides a constant, pervasive data source that can be used by enterprises to establish their trusted relationship service

Date 28.09.2018 - 30.09.2018

Hardcap 20,000,000 $



Cognida is an open source platform that allows distributed data to interact with various blockchains. Cognida also provides the high-level security mechanisms necessary to access this data, while preserving the integrity of the data. Cognida also offers a flexible programming environment based on scripts and templates. The example of use - the company has accounts in Google cloud, Dropbox, AWS, Asana, etc. The IT administrator needs to sign in each platform and change the privileges for each user. Now with Cognida, the IT administrator can modify / monitor / verify the use of all of the above platforms within the same interface.


$ 20,000,000 hardcap

57% sold to early investors

550,000,000 total tokens

0.067 cents token price

Lock time for the team and investors is unknown.


The founders of the project: Michael Hathaway - Michael has been working in the high-tech sphere since 1986. He graduated from Harvard University. He worked in BBN and helped to develop the first engine for sending Internet packages with gigabit speed. He is a technical director of Agere and venture investor. He has experienced both in the technical side and in the creation of a successful business. Bing Byington - a successful businessman, sold his business in the mobile communications industry to Verizon and AT & T, and in the field of digital cameras to Kodak. Wayner Lawler - worked for IBM, as a director in Dell, HP. The rest of the team also looks great, great specialists with vast experience in their fields.

Competitors: Ordinary companies providing the same services but without blockchain. As we know the big corporations find it difficult to change their order of things, and this will be the most important problem that Michael Hathaway will have to deal with to start working with Cognida.

Conclusion: Cognida is an excellent project that offers real solutions and advantages over the old system. It is headed by a star team and excellent technicians. If they manage to solve the problem with the introduction of their platform everywhere, it will be a huge success for them.



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0.00067 USD

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