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A Smart Policy Platform.

Date 26.11.2018 - 20.09.2020

Hardcap 14,000,000 $


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Covalent is a protocol and computing platform for working with confidential data. This is a scalable solution based on computation outside the blockchain. It is assumed that Covalent will create the first untrusted data world in history. The project creates a distributed network protocol for retrieving data without compromising confidentiality. The system architecture is designed to monetize and use data in a reliable, safe and efficient way, without access by the third party to the data itself.

Token: At the moment there is no information about token and tokenometrics.


Raymond Xiang Gao (Founder): Master of Princeton University, early Bitcoin and Ethereum investor. He also has experience in joining the venture capital fund, a specialist in the field of Big Data, Internet of Things, and a pioneer in Conjur (NASDAQ).

Vincent Li (Co-Founder): graduated from Harvard University. He has 4 years of experience in the field of cryptocurrency. Vincent is a former programmer and former engineer at Citadel and Gigster.

The rest of the team has academic degrees and work experience in companies such as Ebay, Goldman Sachs, EDO, DoorDash, FreeS Venture Capital.

The advisers look very serious: Shuoji Zhou: the founder of FBG, Yusen Dai is a partner of ZhenFun and the founder of Jumei - the largest e-commerce company in China. Jia Tian is a developer of Baidu, OneboxTech, Alibaba Group and

Conclusion: Among the project’s advantages is an experienced team of managers and developers, excellent advisers and partners, a large community in Telegram. Among the disadvantages - the idea itself is not new, empty github, non-renewable testnet, there is no roadmap, no tokenometrics, no data about the future sale. There is not much traffic on the site, and most of the community in Telegram is attracted by the airdrop.



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