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Date 18.07.2019 15:00 - 18.07.2019

Hardcap 3,000,000 $



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IEO on Bitmax with 500k USD Hardcap. Individual cap for investor is 500 USD. If Bitmax user holds 10000 BTMX tokens he will get 1000 USD individual cap.

DeepCloud AI is developing a cloud computing platform, managed by AI to create dApps and Web 3.0. The project uses the Proof of Service consensus (PoSe) with the use of master nodes. Applications run in a secure, isolated environment on peer-to-peer resources. All transactions are verifiable and written in the DeepCloud AI blockchain.

To motivate users to provide their computing power, the DeepCloud AI team developed a unique PoSe consensus. Thanks to it, users will benefit from providing the computing power of their devices, receiving a reward in the tokens of the system, and also forming a secure peer-to-peer network. The internal algorithms of DeepCloud using AI will optimize the use of the provided capacities and form clusters of them.

Enterprises will be the consumers of DeepCloud AI services. Using DeepCloud AI for them will be more profitable than traditional IaaS & SaaS vendors. Payment for the use of services will be carried out in DEEP tokens.

Currently there is working product named DeepTransfer. It's an innovative Blockchain based file sharing service on the DeepCloud AI ecosystem:

The DeepTransfer Free version has a very simple and user friendly interface that allows you to transfer up to 3GB of data at a time. Decentralized cloud computing is the backbone of this service that’s been built from the ground up. By beginning of July 2019 It's been used nearly 27000 times

DeepTransfer Premium is currently being used and refined by DeepCloud enterprise partners. The Premium features include up to 30GB transfer, audit trail, blockchain based security and many more. The best part of all the paid version contributes money back into the community to resource providers.


Hard cap - $ 3 million
Tokens in total - 200 million DEEP
Initial circulation - 3,75 million DEEP
Offering DEEP price - 0,1 $

Token Distribution:

Public Sale: 2.5% of total supply

  • 50% unlocked at TGE (t)
  • 16.67% unlocked t+30
  • 16.67% unlocked t+60
  • 16.67% unlocked t+90

Pre-Sale: 3.13% of total supply

  • 20% unlocked at TGE (t)
  • 20% unlocked t+30
  • 30% unlocked t+60
  • 30% unlocked t+90

Private Sale: 9.38% of total supply

  • 19 month schedule release starting 90 days post TGE

Team: 15% of total supply

  • Locked for 2 years post TGE. With 10 months vesting period: Unlocks 10% every month over 10 months.

Advisors: 5% of total supply

  • Locked for 2 years post TGE. With 10 months vesting period: Unlocks 10% every month over 10 months.

Bootstrap initatives: 15% of total supply

  • These tokens will be set aside to be used to grow the platform. These tokens will not enter the circulating supply on exchanges and will be offered directly for usage of our platform as an initial growth mechanism.

Reserves: 15% of total supply

  • These tokens will held in reserve to act as a buffer against any unforeseen expenses or future growth
  • Unlocks after 2 years post TGE

Marketing/Engagement/Master Nodes: 10% of total supply

  • These funds will be distributed to individuals, developers, companies or startups willing to build and/or promote interesting tools, services or dApps on top of DeepCloud’s Fabric. To maintain constant media outreach and to ensure our project remains visible to the blockchain community, a 5% sum has been set aside for influencers, media, events, conferences and other non-crucial but necessary post TGE exposure for our project, such as Master Nodes.

Foundation/Ecosystem: 25% of total supply

  • These tokens are retained by DeepCloud AI to support the network and ecosystem.
  • Releases in phases 5 years post TGE


The team consists of 11 professionals with great experience in cloud computing, cyber security and finance. Max Rye is CEO with 15 years of experience in the cloud computing industry. He has experience in building cloud infrastructures for enterprises. A researcher of AI.

Competitors: Golem, SONM and iExec.




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