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ELONCITY decentralizes our power infrastructure into millions of self sufficient microgrids. Locally produced energy is available 24/7 and directly competitive to utilities. Energy price becomes transparent to all.

Date TBA

Hardcap 33,000,000 $


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Eloncity will make it possible to earn on the production and sale of electricity to anyone who wants, be it a small private hydroelectric power station, a person who has put a windmill in his yard or a solar battery on the roof. Such a system will give people the opportunity to use all the produced electricity with maximum efficiency, and not a single kilowatt will be wasted. Moreover, it will take the load off traditional energy, and therefore help to save the environment and protect the planet from global warming.

The Eloncity ecosystem provides for the reward of all its participants. Not only those who provided their computing resources for blockchain work, but also electricity producers who will receive money from its sale, as well as buyers. For example, for every kilowatt of purchased clean electric energy, the buyer will receive sixteen internal crypto currency (ECT) coins as a reward. These coins can be spent on the purchase of electricity or exchanged for ordinary money. Eloncity will encourage all participants of the ecosystem and thus motivate them to produce and use electricity.

Token: utility

Ticker: ECT

Tokens in total: 1,000,000,000

Hard cap $ 33 million

On presale $ 20 million was collected

32% of tokens will be available for sale.


The team consists of 8 members, there are marketing managers, blockchain specialists, engineers, programmers. Half of the team works in POMCube Inc, a company that sells electricity storage equipment and is a partner and founder of Eloncity.

Partners: 3SJ, Amphenol, CALT, ArcBlook, Tokeneed, MultiTech, Panasonic, Srine Tafel.

Competitors: Powerledger , WePower , Electrify.

Conclusion: The road map is pretty detailed. Such funds as Fenbushi Capital, OK Blockchain Capital, JRR CRYPTO invested in the project. There is MVP. Functional microgrids have been demonstrated recently. The problem of such ICOs is the complexity of implementation. However, Eloncity has strong support represented by Krypital Group. It is worth taking a look.




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0.12 USD

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USA, China

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32% , presale 20 млн $


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