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Fluence is a network of independent nodes which provide a decentralized end-to-end encrypted database

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Fluence.ai is a decentralized data warehouse which is based on a peer-to-peer network and provides all the functions of traditional databases: querying and filtering data in addition to full encryption and flexible data access control.

Fluence organizes clusters that are responsible for a particular set of data, where each of the clusters stores its own block-code for all operations and rewards.

In addition, a set of nodes, called Arbiters, searches for each cluster to verify the operations. The project implements the NoSQL encrypted database. Each request is handled by a set of nodes that must reach a consensus on the results. Moreover, the project uses proxy encryption technology to provide encrypted data to other parties without disclosing encryption keys. In simple words, it is a warehouse which allows you to make any requests, aggregate, transfer and monetize the data. Decentralized applications can use Fluence as a database. Developers suggest that this technology will help decentralized applications to change the personal data market.

The Fluence devnet is now live!

The Fluence protocol is a work in progress, but you can already check out the alfa release which provides Redis (NoSQL) and LlamaDB (SQL) forks adapted for WebAssembly.

  • Instantly deploy SQL and NoSQL databases in the trustless network
  • Build your custom application with Rust, C++, or AssemblyScript and launch it in the decentralized environment
  • Launch your own Fluence nodes

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FLU is a traded token based on Ethereum, whose holders will receive dividends from the network profit. The system will have a second internal FFT token for leasing network capacity. The exchange token needs to be exchanged for an internal one on the centralized gateway, which is controlled by Fluence. Gateway takes a commission of 0.5%, from which the dividends are formed. FFT token is designed for conducting operations within the network and is released on the internal custom blockchain, and also acts as a reward for nodes that perform data storage and perform operations with databases. The price of the FFT token is set by a centralized Oracle managed by the Fluence team and should always be about $ 1.

 Issue of tokens and distribution rules: 100,000,000 FLU in total is planned for release.

The distribution of tokens: 6% - pre-sale, 45% -crowd sale, 20% - following rounds, 20% - for the team, 9% - fund of the ecosystem.

Conclusion: it is a very promising project aimed at improving the security and ease of use of data.






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