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Decentralized certificate authority and naming.

Date 01.08.2018 - 01.01.2019

Hardcap 10,200,000 $


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Handshake is a decentralized protocol of domain names that is compatible with DNS, where each node checks and is responsible for managing the root zone in order to create an alternative to existing certification authorities. Its goal is not to replace the DNS protocol, but to replace the root zone file and root servers with public ones.

The private round has already raised $ 10.2 million.

The initiators of the project were the co-founder of the Lightning Network Joseph Poon, the head of Purse Andrew Lee, his namesake the founder of Private Internet Access Andrew Lee and the technical director of this provider VPN Christopher "JJ" Jeffrey. Now Handshake is supported by 67 individuals and funds, including A16z Crypto, Founders Fund, Polychain Capital and Draper Associates. Investors joined forces to buy out 7.5% of the protocol, valued at $ 136 million.

Handshake intends to donate tokens for $ 250 to each user of the websites with which the company cooperates: GitHub, P2P Foundation and Freenode. Users who have accounts on each of the resources will be able to get Handshake tokens for $ 750.

The community is small, there is no Telegram channel. We will follow.

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