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Hypernet: Introducing a new infrastructure for computing.

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Hardcap 15,000,000 $


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This is a decentralized protocol that allows making parallel computing using computational power. Its main goal is similar to some similar projects, such as Golem and Sonm. However, Hypernetwork relies on a differentiated architecture to achieve truly decentralized, dynamic and distributed computing. The authors of the project claim that Hyperneth will be cheaper, faster and safer in comparison with centralized cloud computing services.

Token: The Token will be used to pay for power consumption between the customer and the performers.

Team: The American team is responsible for creating the idea and its implementation, which included high-level experts and doctorants with many years of work experience in the field of computer science, including:

  • Ivan Ravlich (general director, graduated from Stanford University, has a master's degree in aeronautics and astronautics).
  • Todd Chapman (Technical Director, graduated from Stanford University, where he received his master's degree in aeronautics and astronautics, also received a Ph.D. in the National Academy of Defense and Engineering Sciences).
  • Daniel Maren (co-founder, graduated from Stanford University, formerly was the co-founder of Dragonfly Systems, acquired SunPower, was in the Forbes-30 list under 30).

Competitors: Golem, Sonm, iExec RLC, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure.

Conclusion: The project team looks good, but this is not enough to make the project successful. Taking into account the number and quality of competitors, and the fact that they already have working solutions, the problem facing Hypernet looks rather complicated. Hypernetwork and Golem use different approaches, acting in the same direction, and it is currently unclear which of them will prevail. With the stated hard cap of $ 15 million, Hypernetwork may have a good chance of providing a return on investment in the near future.

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