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Crowdfinfing is planned to be in Q4 2019. Private sale will open soon.

The Information Assurance Platform is a trust and assurance platform that is open, decentralised and governed by the community.

It allows applications to leverage the Information Assurance Toolbelt, including CyberTraces, CyberChains, CyberShields and CyberStates, to perform functions such as distributed computation, attestation and verification interactions, validation functions, and related operations surrounding the storage, processing and transmission of information for individuals, organisations (inc. DAOs), companies, NGOs and governments anywhere, while data owners and operators can retain full control over the extent to which information is private.

  • CyberTraces are independently verifiable, trust-free (non reliant on trust), evidence events. They can be used to cut out intermediaries such as trusted third parties and assure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data, processes and systems.
  • CyberChains create chains of evidence by tying together CyberTraces in a way that maintains Chain of Custody (CoC) for verifying parties such as auditors, assessors, central authorities, supply chains or other interested parties.
  • CyberShield is a computational tool that assures the computational integrity of the functionality of the tools within the IAP. They use a variety of zero knowledge proofs to provide the ability for independent verification of tool output while maintaining privacy and confidentiality of the work.
  • CyberStates report on the internal state of any device. The state is represented by a data stream or file or collection of files that exist within the device, providing a distributed file integrity monitoring capability that is also authenticated, decentralised, reliable, and accessible globally.

The IAP is possible thanks to the IAP token. IAP tokens function as a crypto-economic incentive to enable the distributed power, security and scalability of the network. Integral to the operation of the platform and provision of the service, IAP tokens provide the technical glue that bind the components of the system together, enabling seamless, secure and reliable next generation distributed ledger technology services for information assurance.

Team of over 20 experts in the fields of Information Assurance, Cybersecurity, GRC, Artificial Intelligence and Academia. Founders used to work in Omise for nearly 2 years.




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