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Crypto Derivatives Exchange.

Date 15.02.2019 - 15.05.2019

Hardcap 10,000,000 $


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Idap is a new decentralized international ecosystem for trading cryptocurrency derivatives. Idap consists of an exchange, derivative instruments of trade and applications for personal computers. Some of their proposed trading products: calendar spreads, futures for major cryptocurrencies (requirements for margin will use bitcoin). IDAP will also offer derivative tools based on crypto index.


The IDAP Token is an integral part of this platform. For ICO participants who bought more than 20,000 IDAP tokens, lifetime free trade on the platform is provided. The listing fee will be charged in the IDAP token. 50% permanent discount on the commission for trade when paying in the IDAP token.


A team has Indian roots. They write that the founders are experienced traders in stock and crypto markets, with 10+ years of experience. In fact - the linkedIn profiles are almost empty. Other team members have experience in trading, but they are unknown and do not have special achievements. There are a lot of advisers here, and it is better - all the spheres necessary for the development of the project are covered, the founders of allcoinWiki Anders Larsson, David McKenzie are the most popular.


Among the advantages - the team has a working prototype, tokenometrics are quite good (75% are sold, the team has only 10% and even they locked for 2 years), a quite fast roadmap - the launch is promised in Q4 2018. Soft cap is $ 4 million. Among the disadvantages – there are some questions about the team, a very competitive niche.





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