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IoTBlock is the first universal IoT blockchain registry with real time device health reports and a fully trustless, decentralized infrastructure for IoT devices to access smart contracts securely on any blockchain.

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IoTBlock is a blockchain company focused on building blocks for management, communication, audibility and security of IOT. Currently, IoTBlock is developing the first universal blockchain registry Hypercat and PAS212: 2016 IoT with real-time efficiency reports and decentralized infrastructure for IoT devices for accessing smart contracts on any blockchain. Together, all these solutions provide necessary and reliable infrastructure for IoT applications and interoperability.

There is still little information about the project. Among the advantages we can note a very fast road map with the launch of Q2 Testnet and Q3 Mainnet. A strong team: people from beetoken, Google, Amazon, Samsung, Nokia, VmWare and Deloitte. Long Vuong is an adviser, the founder of Tomochain. Good activity of github. They concluded a deal with a key partner in China. Among the disadvantages - there is no tokenmetrics, there is no detailed whitepaper. The Internet of things is an excellent industry, but next year it will have a tough competition.



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