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Kadena is developing its Chainweb consensus mechanism aimed at addressing the scalability and throughput of the blockchain. Their next development is SPV (Simple Payment Verification) - a method for verifying a transaction without downloading all the network blocks; you need just to load the headings. Pact is the programming language for smart contracts, positioned as the first easily readable language by humans. With these data, Kadena can provide high speed (8,000–12,000 transactions per second) with full replication and distribution at previously unattainable scales. It should be noted that this project has deep roots of development starting with the Raft consensus algorithm, then Tangaroa and the JP Morgan Juno project (a fork of Tangaroa).

Token: At the moment, nothing is known about the token or tokenometrics.

Team: Kadena Founders: Will Martino, a lead engineer of Juno Blockchain prototype for JP Morgan, had a leading technical position in the SEC working group on cryptocurrecnies, was lead analysis tool engineer for SEC.Stuart Popejoy, a former executive director of new products department at JP Morgan , has more than 15 years of experience in creating trading systems for the financial industry. The rest of the team looks no less solid, with great experience.

Conclusion: A good project both from the technical side and from the side of its developers and managers. Fast enough roadmap (they promise mainnet by the end of 2018). We will follow the project.



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