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Keep: A privacy layer for Ethereum

Date TBA

Hardcap 30,000,000 $


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Confidentiality and scalability are the two biggest obstacles to the introduction of public blockchains. Keep deals with confidentiality issues, creating a bridge between public blockchains and private data. To store this data, specialized storage containers are used; access to them will be carried out with the help of confidential smart contracts. Storage containers should be accessible and reliable, and not only maintain confidentiality, but also the integrity of the data. KEEP allows not only to store and delegate access to data, but also to perform intellectual contracts, calculations. At the moment they do not have an MVP / prototype. Before the public sale the demonstration of the product work is expected.

The team consists of developers and community managers - nothing special. They have experience in blockchain technologies, and that is an advantage. The Advisory Board consists of experienced specialists.

The main competitors of the project are NuCypher and Enigma, which look more serious, but still this niche is still new and it is expected that they will just share it.

According to the co-founder Matt Luongo, "The exchanges can list KEEP ... Once it is launched, users can freely support the listing, but we will not support the listing, financially or otherwise."



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