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Date 19.09.2018 - 20.09.2020

Hardcap 20,000,000 $



Lambda creates a fast, secure and scalable blockchain that is capable to process several million transactions per second using sharding technology and will provide opportunities for data storage with unlimited scalability for DAPPs via a secure decentralized cloud database. Lambda can be used not only to store IoT and AI data, but also for Key-Value databases, log data, metrics and event data, and also streaming data. For the first time, Lambda technology was demonstrated in Q4 2017. It is expected that the development of the main components will be completed in Q3 2018. The test network will be launched in Q1 2019. Mainnet and further developments are expected in Q2 2019.

Token: LAMBDA tokens will be used to pay for services on the Lambda platform, for example, to pay for leasing Lambda cloud databases. The company will sell 30% of tokens: 25% is allocated for private sale and 5% for public sale. The team seeks to raise $15 million during the private sale and $5 million during the public sale. Token freezing time for participants of the private sale: 10 months, issue conditions 2 + 4 + 4 months, with defrost of 20% + 40% + 40% tokens. The first part (20%) will be provided in two months after entering the stock exchange (the remaining parts will be defrosted after 4 and another 4 months, respectively). A different scheme will be used for participants of the public sale: 30% of tokens will be defrosted 24 hours before entering the stock exchange, the remaining 70% will be defrosted in 3 months.

The funds raised will be directed to three main items of expenditure: 1. Product development (the largest part of expenditures); 2. Marketing and community development; 3. Regulatory measures.

Team: The founder of Lambda - He Xiaongyang - previously founded oneAPM - Full Stack Application Performance Management (APM) solution provider in China (129 employees on LinkedIn). Several other team members also came to Lambda from this project. The company’s website has no links to team members on LinkedIn. Some team members do not mention Lambda as a place of work on LinkedIn. Team members have great experience in data science, but there are no people with blockchain development experience.

Competitors: Storj, Siacoin, MaidSafe, FileCoin, Arweave and Bluzelle.

Conclusion: The project chose a highly competitive niche. It has no links to the githab. The launch of the test network is expected only in Q1 2019. By that time, the main networks of competing projects will already be launched. Lambda will use the Proof of Work consensus algorithm, which most modern projects refuse from. The project estimate of $80 million looks very high in the current market. There are no blockchain specialists in the project team.



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