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Metadium next generation identity standard for the new era.

Date 18.09.2018 - 20.09.2020

Hardcap 43,900 $


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Crowdsale will take place on the Coinsuper exchange !

Private sale: 1 ETH = 26308 META 

Crowdsale: 1 ETH = 8474 META

It turns out that private has 3.1 times more tokens, which is 210% bonus. And at the same time no lock up.

Metadium is a next-generation identification protocol that works on a blockchain.

The Metadium team strives to create a single ecosystem of blockchains using a system service called "Meta ID".

Meta ID is the address of the meta-identity contract, which is created autonomously by each user. Users can use the service inside and outside the blockchain with the help of this Meta ID, as their own ID. Meta ID contracts contain keys and meta-printing, which users can use and information to verify the authenticity of personal information. Only users with registered keys can add, change, delete and use information to verify the authenticity of their personal information. The statement is stored in the meta-identity contract, and the information outside the blockchain can be verified with the help of the statement.

Metadium is trying to solve an important problem facing the society today: people (and "things") do not have the right to own their personal data. Every time we log in to our account, on a service or on a platform, we actually provide these platforms with our personal information. Then these platforms / services can maliciously sell and transfer our personal data to third parties.

Metadium is a project that allows to return this personal information to its rightful owners so that everyone can demand control over their own identity. Via Metadium, users can manage and have total control over their personal information with a minimum number of predefined points. Since this information is not susceptible to hacking and data leakage, we can prevent side effects associated with providing our information on different platforms and services. This became available through the introduction and use of the Meta ID service.

This project has built its protocol, which helps to increase scalability, performance and expandability in comparison with the existing blockchain.


Token: Tiker META; Total tokens 2,000,000,000; Hard cap - 49,300 ETH

Crowdsale is 49,996,600 (5,900 ETH)

The base price for ETH is $ 360.13 at 00:00:00 on August 10 at midnight

1eth = 8,474 META

3% of all META tokens were allocated for the forthcoming crowdsale

The price of 1 META is $ 0.0425

Crowdsale will take place at the Coinsuper exchange.

Crowd sale min / max personal cap: 0.5 ETH / 3 ETH

Private sale of 50% of all META tokens for 38,000 ETH is in early 2018.

the base price for ETH was $ 855 at the beginning of 2018


1eth = 26,308 META without interlock.


Team: Ryan Uhr is the founder of Coinplug and the solution and service of Celizion Inc. in 2003. He works as a former project manager for Cisco Systems, an IP-based mobile system. Moreover, he previously held the position of Chief Engineer of Hyundai Electronics

Justin Park is the general director of Coinplug Project. Advisors are people who are very famous for the crypto community, such as Bo Shen (Fenbushi Capital Founder), Roger Ver (CEO of and Vincent Zhou (FBG Capital Founder)

Partners: Metadium is supported by the technology partner Coinplug, which assists in technological design. There are other partners, but the nature of the partnership is not clear. They include BlockAsset, FBG Capital, OJ Lab, BlueBlock, Blockchain Insight Corp and others.

Among the outstanding and major partners Hashed can be called

Road map:

2018 Q3 - Metadium Blockchain prototype

2018 Q4 - Open Beta Service Demo

2019 Q2 - release of Metadium Blockchain 1.0

2019 Q4 - release of Metanium Blockchain 2.0

The "Metadium" road map is pretty clear, but it offers a lasting long-term vision.

Conclusion: In today's society, the problem of the preservation and privacy of personal information is quite acute. Currently, the team strives to develop a minimum viable product (MVP) before launching the ICO. As for metrics, it does not look very attractive, since the price of private sale is cheaper than the price of crowdsale, and they receive 3 times more tokens and, in this, without lockup.



Token type


Token price

0.0425 USD

Available for token sale

Private sale 50% (38 000 ETH) Crowdsale 3% (5900 ETH)

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no lockup
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Kenetic Kenetic
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