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nCent Labs is a research and development company based at Stanford University, California. It specializes in creating technologies that at the protocol level will help people to interact with each other effectively. nCent is a blockchain protocol of recursive stimulation, the purpose of which is to create the basis for revitalization of the community through material incentives in solving complex tasks. Those involved in solving such tasks are encouraged financially for facilitating in solving and / or for involving other people who can contribute to the solution.

Token: Its own token for Ncent network - NCNT. Participants are stimulated in the network in two ways: those who hire new users or transfer tokens to create new wallets. As the network grows, the importance of this incentive will decrease. The second way to stimulate users is a reward for maintaining the safety and network health. The tokenometrics is not known yet.

Team: Kapil K. Jain, the founder and lead developer at Ncent, previously worked for companies such as Microsoft, Citigroup and SEC (“London Whale” Banking). Partner Michael Barile has 8 years of work experience, and he also worked with Google and Uber. Other members of the team also have good qualifications and experience in their fields, the team will be able to ensure the development of this project.

Partners: nCent's portfolio of investors is very impressive. Sequoia is among them, one of the leading VC in Silicon Valley, Naval Ravikant, the founder of AngelList and the twin brothers Winklevoss. The nCent team has a strong academic background and is well connected with the innovative center of Silicon Valley.

Conclusion: A strong team, leading global investors and a great idea with a multibillion-dollar market potential will make nCent one of the hottest projects in 2018. Only the state of the market can prevent this. The long-term success of the project will depend on the implementation of the roadmap.


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