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Nervos is a "Trustware" platform for dApps and protocols, cross-chain for public blockchains

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Nervos has developed a completely different decentralized platform, which allows using several ways to increase scalability, security and transaction speed.

There are two types of network architecture: event-focused and state-focused. The existing blockchains are event-focused. And in the Nervos they are state-focused. There is a Common Knowledge Base, where all the events are stored, and you do not have to write each time in the transaction, it is enough to send that the event happened and the state is changed. That is, users with their keys agree with the change of the state, and then another participant can already close the channel. And thus, there are only 2 transactions, for opening and closing the channel (changing the state). This reduces the size of transactions and reduces the complexity of the system.

Token: The economic model of the token is designed to encourage network users, developers and node owners to work together. Through cross-chain, the CKB token allows you to convert other tokens. No information about the crowdsale is published.

Team: 18 members

Jan Xie is the founder of the project. In programming since 2005, he worked in many companies, including personally with Vitaly Buterin, the founder of Etereum, on the creation of the Casper protocol.

Ren Zhang is the main researcher. For almost 6 years, in parallel with work on the doctoral thesis, he is an assistant at one of the departments at the University of KU Leuven (regularly included in the top 100 universities in the world). He works on compatibility and anonymity of the crypto currency.

Terry Tai successfully started the Chinese cryptocurrency exchange Yunbi in 2013.


Nervos does not want to be the only and the main one, they initially note in the WP that the future is with several networks, that's why they want to make compatibility for dApps working in different networks and in different languages

It should be noted that one of the key developers of the Ether, Xie Hanjian, is involved in the development. The Nervos team members really understand the problems of the blockchain and represent the solutions.

There is no information about the metrics, so we are waiting for announcements from the project. Certainly, it is an interesting and necessary project.




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Polychain Capital Polychain Capital
1kx 1kx
 Sequoia Capital Sequoia Capital
500 Startups 500 Startups
Huobi Capital Huobi Capital
Multicoin Capital Multicoin Capital
 BlockChain Capital BlockChain Capital
Ceyuan Digital Assets Ceyuan Digital Assets
FBG Capital FBG Capital
Dekrypt Capital Dekrypt Capital
Matrix Partners China Matrix Partners China
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