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nOS is the Virtual Operating System for a new, transparent internet. Powered by the NEO Smart Economy.

Date 29.10.2018 - 20.09.2020

Hardcap 16,800,000 $



nOS is a virtual operating system for the Internet of a new generation with a dApps application store. Powered by NEO Smart Economy.

Imagine that nOS is an application store and a web browser, in a virtual operating system, with the ability to access a new decentralized Internet. In the new Internet, applications work transparently and openly. Your data is safe, and they are only where you want.

Sites and applications place their content in an open and decentralized form using NEO Smart Contracts, providing users an overall view of what is happening with their data.

Using multiple dApps users do not have to work with different tokens. End users use the GAS token only, and nOS automatically converts it to the required number of NEP-5 tokens required for a particular transaction or output.

The universal nOS (USC) smart contract offers popular functions for developing dApp, such as CRUD and Authentication.

They have a product - MVP. Developers have provided a browser that already works and can be accessed on Facebook or Twitter. The MVP client is available on GitHub.

nOS does not solve a clear problem. They bring to the market a browser in which you will have the opportunity to use dApps on NEO.


nOS will have Utility with two kinds of Staking

Developers can stake NOS tokens to reserve .neo domain names and gain access to the decentralized nOS file system. Users can freeze NOS tokens to get the right to vote on the nOS platform.

Team: Consists of leading NEO developers. Dean Van Dugreten is the founder. He is the founder of the startup Dean is also the founder of the blockchain project, VDT.Network. Jason Perry is a developer on the CoZ website. He is also the creator of NEO Ruby and Recaptcha for Ruby

Advisor: Only one - Roger Lim. A person with great experience in consulting various projects and good connections.

Funds: Only one - NEO Global Capital.

Competitors: Celes Chain, Zippie

Conclusion: The project is under discussion. We are waiting for additional information. "Creating an operating system for the new Internet" (and other similar slogans) is more marketing than actual development. The team has great experience in creating dApps of different kinds. A huge advantage is the availability of a working MVP, integration into the infrastructure. Early subscribers of VDT.Network will get priority in the purchase of NOS tokens.




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