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Oasis is the first smart contract platform to provide security, privacy, and high scalability.

Date TBA

Hardcap 45,000,000 $


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In Oasis Labs, they try to defeat the scourge of all existing blockchains - the scalability. They are going to do this using the so-called "trusted" equipment. This means that the smart contract will interact directly with the hardware in addition to the installed OS. The processing speed will be ensured by minimizing the computation due to devices supporting TTE (Trusted Execution Environments), such as Intel SGX. Intel SGX is a new set of processor instructions that can be used by appropriately written applications to organize protected regions of code and data, in Intel terminology called as "enclaves".

In the project team, there are people with solid academic degrees, it causes respect. However, the question arises over the experience in solving such problems, for example, there is practically no experience in the technology of blockchain experience.

It is worth noting that Binance labs invested in this project, so they are provided with support of specialists in ICO. The project totally received 45 mln USD. The token sale is TBA.



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