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OceanEx is an AI powered digital asset trading platform.

Date 21.09.2018 - 31.10.2018

Hardcap 11,300,000 $



OceanEx is a cryptocurrency asset management platform, launched by BitOcean Global, enhanced by the introduction of advanced AI technologies, providing a secure and ultra-liquid cryptocurrency market, full-fledged quantitative trading opportunities and rich tools and products for investment. It includes:

OceanLab is a group that supports industrial research and product innovation to improve the competitiveness of OceanEx in the market. OceanLab will collaborate with academic research laboratories and incubate projects that are promising.

OceanMarket allows for social trading through OceanMarket. This gives traders / portfolio managers / active community members the opportunity to take advantage of their influence, publish their strategies in OceanMarket, allow other users to monitor and invest in them, and earn a commission depending on their effectiveness.

OceanBrain is an integrated OceanEx AI system. OceanBrain coordinates all aspects of OceanEx, managing platform security, controlling user mass behavior, detecting malicious transactions to protect client funds, increasing the availability and scalability of server infrastructure, linking clients and financial products through social trading.

Token: OCE is an indispensable element of the ecosystem and future developments of OceanEx. It can be used in many scenarios, including: payment for services, such as: transaction fee, listing fee; the right to vote in pool by the lists of projects, subscription and use of trading tools.

Team: Xiaoning Nan is the founder of BitOcean and the main adviser of the VeChain Foundation. Xiaoning is actively involved in the community development. He is an early investor of VeChain, Binance, Certik, ContentBox, Elastos, ChainDD and Nebulas. Prof. Zhou is an expert in machine learning and artificial intelligence, and an assistant professor in computer science at Michigan State University. Other team members are not so star, but with good education and experience.

Conclusion: Advantages - Excellent team, technical part of the project and tool of the exchange (they will support up to 1,200,000 transactions per second, margin trading, a wide type of orders). They will also use all the VeChain support tools. Disadvantages - highly competitive niche, advisers are not announced.



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