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Orchid Protocol is a surveillance-free layer on top of the internet that enables secure and anonymous communication between users.

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Hardcap 40,800,000 $


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The Orchid protocol is a decentralized open source technology for the Internet, free from surveillance and censorship. It is an open source network that runs on top of the Internet. It is completely decentralized and your traffic is routed not through central authorities (your ISP or your VPN), but randomly through a network of participants who agreed to share their bandwidth and activate their Internet-connected device as a "node."

Token: Orchid Token (OCT) is used for payments within the Orchid network. Users, who want to access the uncensored Internet, pay orchid tokens to the "nodes". Since neither traffic nor payments can be controlled by central authorities, then users and "nodes" use a completely anonymous, unsupervised Internet. There will be no ICO, only private sale. The price for private offer is $0.5 with a lock of 18 months and $0.7 with a lock of 12 months.

Team: A strong team with experience in venture capital in China, investment and development of one of the largest platforms - Ethereum.

Stephen Bell has been managing Director of Trilogy Ventures for seven years, invested in projects in China before returning to the US in 2015.

Steve Waterhouse has long been an investor in the Pantera Capital company.

Gustav Simonsson is a former developer of the Ethereum Foundation.

Brian Fox is a developer who is credited with creating the first interactive online banking software for Wells Fargo in 1995.

Strong advisors: Gavin Wood - Founder and CTO of Parity Technologies, Dr. Dan Boneh - Founder / CTO of Ethereum, Professor and Head of Cryptography at the Computer Science Department at Stanford University.

Competitors: VPN providers - the market was estimated at $18 billion in 2017, TOR, Substratum, Mysterium.

Conclusion: There is great potential to become the world's first decentralized, open-source VPN technology with a built-in user motivation mechanism, a strong management team capable of completing the project. Among the disadvantages - there is no roadmap, poor marketing, poor communication with the community, no MVP.



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