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Hybrid Blockchain for peer-to-peer Smart Contracts

Date 14.01.2019 - 20.09.2020

Hardcap 9,600,000 $


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0,04 USD

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Foundation: 1 Year lock-up ; Advisor: 6 Months lock-up and monthly release 1 Year vesting

The Precium platform is a platform of smart contracts based on Onyx Chain, a hybrid blockchain that combines the advantages of private (scalability and transaction speed) and public (openness and security) of blockchains. There are two parties involved in the Precium platform, users and contract developers.

Developers provide conditions or templates for contracts and platform users, on their basis, can build a new Onyx Chain smart contract. In this process, contract developers are rewarded each time their templates are used. The Precium platform for users provides a secure and universal form of the Oracle smart contract, which connects on-chain and off-chain.

Onyx Chain of the Precium platform is a hybrid blockchain, where each private unit is connected to a public blockchain. Content in the public blockchain is freely available to all nodes participating in the Onyx Chain. One private block is associated with an open block having its own hash value, and only the node that is directly connected to the public block can view the corresponding private block. Moreover, private blocks can access external information in the Onyx Chain using Oracle technology based on their smart contracts.

Oracle is a technology that imports information about the blockchain from the off-chain network to the on-chain network. In other words, smart contracts in the blockchain network will be able to collect information outside the blockchain via Oracle and use this information to determine if the terms of the contract are met. Therefore, the information that enters the blockchain through Oracle is directly related to the reliability of the smart contract.

Token: Tiker - PCM

Total tokens 1 500,000,000 PCM

Token sale 40% 600,000,000 PCM

The price of the token is 0.04 $; the price on pre-sale is 0.035 $

Reserve - 20%, Funds - 15% (lock-up 1 year), Marketing - 15%, Advisor - 5% (lock-up 6 months and every month release within a year), Token sale - 40%


Reserve - 30%, Strategic partners - 10%, Marketing - 17%, Legal and other expenses - 13%, Platform Development - 30%

Road map

2018 / 3Q - Global conference

2018 / 4Q - Beta version of the launch platform

                  Pre-sale & start of public-sale

2019 - Release of the Precium V1 platform

Partners: KCENT, HANKY & Partners

Conclusion: There is not much discussion. There is no information on the site. WP is written in Korean. There is a partner KCENT, they have 5 million users. Among the famous advisors, for example, is CEO Fantom Joseph Jang. It is worth following the development of the project.