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Radix is a speedy, scalable alternative to Blockchains and DAGs.

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Radix is a new layer for the internet, where data, money, and assets are part of the very fabric of the technology. It is scalable, easy to use, and can be built and deployed via API – no smart contracts required.

They are developing their own DLT protocol (Distributed Ledger Technology), which will help to solve the main problems of existing blockchains - scalability, bandwidth and cost. Also they patented their own development - the Tempo consensus model, an absolutely new idea. It confirms events using a logical vector clock. Scalability of the Radix network depends on the number of nodes, the dependence is linear, and you can track real data here. In the network smart contracts will be presented, for writing of which it will be enough for the user to have the skills of JavaScript. Mining Radix is possible on almost any device - the minimum requirements are 16mb RAM and 100mHz CPU.

Achievements in 2018 include:

Recently Radix team has launched Alphanet. During the last test of the network the speed peaked at  1,417,786 transactions per second.

The creator and the inspirer of Radix is DAN HUGHES, he has been hatching this idea since 2011. In 2018 The team expanded to 21 full time members. 


The Rad (XRD) is the native currency of the Radix platform. It will not be available for sale until the network is live, there are, however, several ways to them. Download the wallet.

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