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First privacy-focused decentralized exchange & blockchain

Date 02.08.2019 - 23.08.2019

Hardcap 6,800,000 $



Pay attention

Resistance will conduct an IEO on their own Resistance DEX through Dutch Auction system with $1.4 mln IEO hardcap . Visit their medium to know the details

Resistance is the first DEX built around a privacy-oriented blockchain powered by democratically accessible mining with a focus on multiple user reward mechanisms.


  • The Resistance DEX (ResDEX) utilizes advanced atomic swaps to enable fast, direct, private trades without the need for a third party.
  • The Resistance privacy-oriented blockchain makes private trades possible by using Resistance coins (RES) as an intermediary and validating transactions through zero-knowledge proofs.
  • The Resistance CPU-optimized miner allows anyone with a laptop or desktop computer running macOS, Windows, or Linux to mine on the Resistance blockchain.
  • Block rewards and transaction fees are split between masternodes, project development, Proof of Work, and Proof of Research on whitelisted BOINC projects advancing scientific research to help humanity.

The ResDEX exchange fee (0.15%) is paid by the taker and used to:

  1. support the platform
  2. fund market making
  3. donate to privacy projects voted for by the community

With a working prototype, wallet, testnet, and one-way Simplex fiat gateway confirmed (users will be able to buy bitcoin on ResDEX with Visa or Mastercard in USD, GBP, and EUR), Resistance is ready for action.

Resistance has a very strong team especially engineers with experience in Microsoft and Cysco. Alexander Peslyak, core developer, is well-known and respected operating system and network security expert, Founder and CTO of Openwall, author of the widely-used hashing algorithm yescrypt and the newly released CPU-optimized hashing algorithm yespower, and former Zcash advisor.

Futher more Resistance's got a very wide list of well-experienced and famous advisors in all spheres of the project: GDPR, blockchain, IT security, business, community, media and so on.




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