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A price-stable cryptocurrency designed for mass adoption. We are building financial infrastructure for the next generation of decentralized applications.

Date 30.01.2019 - 07.03.2019

Hardcap 72,000,000 $


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Terra offers its own stablecoin and infrastructure for decentralized applications. Luna is a token in the Terra system. It will be paid as a reward for transactions in the system, and it can also be deposited into a reserve to receive dividends. Luna will have a limited emission, which in turn (according to the creators) will ensure the stability of its price. The Terra protocol will allow decentralized applications to create their own tokens and take commission from transactions.

The core of the team is from South Korea. CEO has experience in creating successful corporations in Korea - TicketMonster ($ 3.5 billion) and a number of other companies. The team in general is young, but already with experience in their fields and successful companies.

The project was invested by such funds as Binance Labs, Polychain and Kenetic capital. The complete list of funds is very impressive.

Among the disadvantages we can note that the niche is multi-competitive. It is not yet clear what this project will stand out for. There are no data about the tokenometric yet.

We put the project on the note and will follow it.

Token type

Own blockchain

Token price

0.8 USD

Available for token sale

Polychain Capital Polychain Capital
1kx 1kx
OK Blockchain Capital OK Blockchain Capital
Huobi Capital Huobi Capital
Kenetic Kenetic
Hashed Hashed
Arrington XRP Capital Arrington XRP Capital
FBG Capital FBG Capital
GBIC (Global Blockchain Innovative Capital) GBIC (Global Blockchain Innovative Capital)
Binance Labs Binance Labs
Nirvana Capital Nirvana Capital
Passport Capital Passport Capital
Kakao ventures Kakao ventures
Monex Group Monex Group
HOF Capital HOF Capital
Translink Capital Translink Capital