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The TODA Protocol enables businesses to efficiently and securely scale their blockchain.

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One of the main problems of the massive introduction of blockchain technology is its low level of scalability. The current low bandwidth of the main blockchain protocols (Bitcoin, Ethereum), which is 10-30 transactions per second (TPS), does not allow this technology to be embedded in daily operations. Therefore, projects that are able to scale the blockchain without compromising its security and decentralization still receive much public attention. TODA.Network is developing a transport protocol, or a zero level protocol. Any Blockchain that can work for TODA will not only benefit from security, efficiency and scalability in design, but also allow P2P atomic exchange between two independent blockchains without the participation of a third party. The company’s website indicates that thirteen projects are currently being developed, which will be launched on the TODA.Network platform. Specific information about the stages of readiness of these projects could not be found. The project activity on GitHub started around April 2017. It is worth noting that all the commits were made in April last year and since then there have not been any updates on GitHub.

Token: The amount of funds raised and tokenometrics have not yet been published.

Partners: Algorand.

Competitors: Among such projects, EOS, Quarkchain, Ziliqa, Alza, Hedera are worth noting. However, only one competotir is engaged in scaling the transport (main) layer of the blockchain - BloxRoute.

Team: According to the data on the TODA.Network website, the project team has 6 members. Key team members have a technical background. The main team members came from PrivacyShell, a company that deals with consulting in the blockchain industry and has its own startup factory. Previously, PrivacyShell was also associated with a project whose successor most likely is TodaNetwork, the TodaProtocol project. Toda Protocol is a scalable blockchain that, according to the creators, is capable of processing up to 3 million transactions per second. The CEO of the project previously worked as a CTO in several technology companies in Silicon Valley. He worked at WhoKnows (about 100 employees, $4.8 million was raised), ACM (about 600 employees), Akatoo Inc. The project's CTO is currently working as a technical director at PrivacyShell (14 employees). Previously, he founded Daimio, a programming language for creating web applications, and worked as a CTO at Bento Box, an IT consulting agency.

Conclusion: Specific figures for the expected protocol throughput are not given. The company does not explain how high scalability, decentralization and security will be respected at the same time. There is no information about the business model and tokenometrics. They have a very strong competitor in the face of BloxRoute, and the niche of blockchain scalability itself is very competitive. Most team members do not mention the TODA Network as a place of work. Non-updated GitHub. As you can see, there are a lot of disadvantages so far, but perhaps most of them are due to the lack of information, we will follow to find out if this is so.



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