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Ultra is bringing the blockchain revolution to the gaming industry and creating a fair ecosystem for the future of games distribution

Date 16.07.2019 - 18.09.2020

Hardcap 5,000,000 $



Ultra Blockchain is a project that aims to create an ecosystem for games distribution. The team is focused on the computer games market and wants to create a publishing platform. Thus, Ultra wants to solve the problems of game distribution monopolies, arising due to seizure of the market by app stores that dictate their rules, while robbing game developers and, in turn, do not provide proper support for the game, especially when it comes to marketing. A good example of this are the distribution platforms Steam and GOG, which have established themselves so well within the market that they charge 30% of the revenue that is being generated only for being an intermediary and presenting the game to the established community.

In contrast, the Ultra project offers an alternative where they intend to charge 7.5% for own profit share and another 7.5% for a specific referral program, which aims to encourage users to attract new members to the platform. It is planned to create a three-level referral system. This can positively affect the growth of the audience of the platform.

Besides of a revenue cut, Ultra aims to offer the following:

- Software with improved bandwidth (this is not a demonstration of the game process as Twitch). This will allow players to start playing after downloading just a couple of percent.

- Marketplace where tokenized in-game items are freely traded. Thanks to Ultra's API , third parties can further integrate the item trading into their website or service, allowing to secondary markets to prosper.

- Integration of third-party product services by Ultra, such as a tournament platform, live streaming, game purchases, etc.

- Marketplace where games can be resold for additional revenue after a pre-set time (if the game developers agree on this)

- Possibility for players to earn UOS tokens by participating in beta tests, watching ads, creating games and / or additional content like detailed reviews and several other methods.

- Extensive referral program that also attracts influencers and larger networks

- Mobile application that allows users to interact with the platform (e.g, chatting, making payments with an the integrated wallet or buying / downloading games remotely)

Ultra decided to use an EOS fork, believing that it would provide very fast transactions, zero fees and ease of use where, for example, accounts can be recovered without need of a private key.



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