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Creating a programmable business community

Date 20.11.2018 - 20.09.2020

Hardcap 20,700,000 $



Ultrain is a platform for dApps and cloud computing with advanced functionality. It also focuses on a very high transaction speed of up to 20,000 t / s.

The blockchain will use a new random trusted consensus structure. This allows the network to use only 1% of the processing power to produce new coins, freeing the remaining 99% that will be used by the applications.

Ultrain provides many services for business. They include: computing power for AI, network managements, high-performance trust computing, easy-to-use smart contracts and IoT blockchain services.

Optimizing the use of Ultrain blockchain is achieved by taking some of the functions in the side chain. Thus, the functionality required for developing dApps, including authentication of the authenticity, credit system, forecast markets, zero knowledge and asset matching will be realized in the main chain. And the side chain with customizable characteristics will be used to serve specific industries. Potential options for using the side chain are games, healthcare data, entertainment economics, shared economy, logistics and sports.


1 billion of tokens are in total. Hard cap - $20 million, the name of the token is UGas (UGS), the price of the token is 0.2 $, 50% of the tokens will be available for mining. 10% will be sold on a pre-sale, 10% will be available to the community, 15% reserve, 15% to the team. dApps working on the network will release their own tokens (UToken) which are similar to the erc-20 tokens that are compatible with Ethereum. Each Application will establish its own token metrics and will be able to choose its own consensus mechanism


The founders of Ultrain worked earlier in Alibaba, Ant Financial, 360 security. They have extensive experience in technology, developing effective strategies, developing ecosystems, building businesses and forming communities. There are 14 team members in the WP.


It looks like a very good idea on paper. There is no work product that we can talk about. The road map is relatively short compared to similar projects, and a public test network will be available in September. There is support from the funds such as 8 Decimal Capital, KuCoin Capital, Arrington XRP Capital, NEO GLOBAL CAPITAD. Ultrain was awarded the "Rising Star of Blockchain 2018" at the China-the USA Business and Investment Summit.






Token type

Own blockchain

Token price

0.20 USD

Can't participate


Available for token sale


Total tokens

Arrington XRP Capital Arrington XRP Capital
Kosmos Capital Kosmos Capital
8 Decimal Capital 8 Decimal Capital
Danhua Capital (DHVC) Danhua Capital (DHVC)
DU Capital DU Capital
Morningside Venture Capital Morningside Venture Capital
Draper Dragon Draper Dragon
Sky9 Capital Sky9 Capital
Ceyuan Digital Assets Ceyuan Digital Assets
FBG Capital FBG Capital
KuCoin Capital KuCoin Capital
Anmi OECD http://anmi.group/en Anmi OECD http://anmi.group/en
Noris Noris
Dynamic Fintech Group (DFG) Dynamic Fintech Group (DFG)
Bixin Bixin
Sailor Capital Sailor Capital
Crypto SA Crypto SA
Spark VC Spark VC
GBIC (Global Blockchain Innovative Capital) GBIC (Global Blockchain Innovative Capital)
Zorax Capital Zorax Capital