G7 has approved the cryptocurrency-based SWIFT alternative


The Japanese government wants to lead a campaign to create a new global cryptocurrency payments network that would be similar to SWIFT.

The USA is suggesting a bill proposing $1 million fine per day


The US government wants to introduce a bill prohibiting large tech companies to provide financial services and lainch digital currencies.

New digital wallet for a new global currency by Calibra


Calibra will introduce a digital wallet for Libra, a new global currency, based on blockchain technology.

IoTeX & NKN collaborate to create Airbnb of the future


IoTeX and NKN projects have entered into a partnership to create a decentralized alternative of managing smart homes, and also to develop the sharing - economy.

Ripple, together with Japanese SBI Holdings, launched a payment application


Japanese financial giant SBI Holdings and Ripple have launched MoneyTap, a payment application.

Ripple announced the launch of xRapid Platform


On October 1, it became known that xRapid platform by Ripple, designed to accelerate international payments, entered the market.

15 members of the US Congress asked the SEC to clarify the guiding principles for cryptocurrencies and ICO


15 members of the US Congress signed a letter requesting the Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Jay Clayton for cryptocurrencies and ICO.

Chinese technology giant Baidu published White Paper of its Super Chain


On September 26, the Chinese web service Baidu introduced Baidu Blockchain White Paper V1.0, where the description of the Super Chain network system is presented.

Opera became a strategic partner of Ledger Capital


On September 28, Opera reported on cooperation with Ledger Capital for further joint development in the field of blockchain technology.

Google partially lifts the ban on cryptocurrency advertising


In connection with updates in Google's rules, it will be allowed to advertise regulated cryptocurrency exchanges in the US and Japan.

Vitalik Buterin plans to scale the Ethereum network


Vitalik Buterin claimed that the ZK-SNARKS technology can help to scale ETH to 500 transactions per second.

Opera Software released the Labs browser with a built-in cryptocurrency wallet


Opera launched a beta version of the desktop browser with a built-in cryptocurrency wallet.

One of the largest US banks PNC uses Ripple technology for international payments


On September 19, Ripple announced that PNC will use RippleNet to process international payments for its customers.

The QuarkChain project opened its source code


Now everyone can contribute to the development of QuarkChain.

South Korean mobile operator LG U + launched an international payment system based on Blockchain


On September 13, South Korean mobile operator LG UPlus signed a memorandum of understanding to develop a new service together with three international partners

The leading crypto companies have created a cryptocurrency lobby in Washington


With the efforts of leading crypto companies, the first full-fledged lobbying organization, called the Blockchain Association, was created in Washington.

The first adjustable stablecoin Gemini dollar (GUSD) was listed on the Bibox exchange


The largest crypto-holders, the Winklevoss brothers, took on the mission to provide the fiat currency with the technological qualities of cryptocurrencies.