IoTeX & NKN collaborate to create Airbnb of the future


The automatically scalable and confidentiality-oriented blockchain platform for the Internet of Things (IoT) IoTeX and the new type of Internet protocol NKN join forces to search for decentralized alternatives to manage smart home and to develop sharing - economy.

Currently, companies are working on the introduction of blockchain technology in smart home management scenarios to ensure data security and user privacy using smart contracts of the IoTeX platform. In turn, the NKN (New Kind of Network) platform is designed to provide joint development with a new kind of decentralized peer-to-peer network protocol (P2P).

Using the NKN network for communication between users and IoT devices, as well as the IoTeX blockchain for authorizing access and launching smart contracts, the platforms announce the prospects of creating an "Airbnb of the future".  An overview of the concept can be found here: Blockchain for Smart Homes.

NKN and IoTeX presented the smart home proof of concept demo at the upcoming Telecom Infrastructure Project (TIP) summit in London on October 16-17, organized with the support of Facebook, Cisco, Intel and other companies.


IoTeX Platform Official Website:

NKN platform official website:

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