Coinbase exchange launched services that allow simplifying the interaction between users and cryptocurrencies


Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the USA, has released a series of updates that provide convenient informative services and also allow beginners to make their first purchases of digital assets without any difficulties.

According to the Vice President and CEO of Coinbase Consumer, Dan Romero, the development of an open financial system depends on the ability of people to understand, study and choose cryptocurrency. In the near future, millions of people will make their first cryptocurrency transactions, so the company aims to simplify every step towards the cryptocurrency purchase.

In this regard, Coinbase has released the following series of updates:

  • Coinbase Bundle is a market weighted selection of five cryptocurrencies available for purchasing and selling on Coinbase. Clients choose themselves how much cryptocurrency they want to have. Using the current market capitalization at the time of purchase, Coinbase calculates a diversified portfolio of available cryptocurrencies, which can be purchased just with a few taps. Bundles allow having that share of cryptocurrency that the user needs. The minimum bundle price is $ 25. When buying a bundle, cryptocurrencies are stored in their relevant wallets and behave like single cryptocurrencies in a Coinbase account. Users can buy, sell, send and receive each cryptocurrency as a separate asset.
  • Informational Asset Pages are pages of assets containing information about the TOP-50 cryptocurrencies (according to the market capitalization), which are currently not available for purchase or sale on Coinbase. Any user can view the trading history, current market capitalization, descriptions of cryptocurrencies and links to relevant official documents and project websites.
  • Coinbase Learn is a new section of the Coinbase website for teaching newcomers in the cryptocurrency world, which can answer basic questions and provide a general understanding of the digital assets.

Follow the links below to find out more information:

Coinbase Bundle:

Informational Asset Pages:

Coinbase Learn:

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