Wanchain released Alpha Testnet for v3.0


Project Wanchain released Alpha Testnet Wanchain 3.0 for Bitcoin Integration and opened registration form to sign up for testing. This release has been planned to go live by the end of 2018, but the team made remarkable progress to go ahead of roadmap.

This update is one of the most important for Wanchain because of cross-chain integration with Bitcoin. Upon launch of Wanchain 3.0 release, any dApp, protocol, DEX, or other project built on Ethereum will be able to integrate the entire ecosystem of Bitcoin users. For example, decentralized exchanges on Ethereum will be able to offer Bitcoin trading pairs. 

This cross-chain mechanism works is possible through WBTC token ((Wanchain’s Bitcoin cross-chain token). If you need to use Bitcoin in cross-chain of Wanchain, an amount of your BTC can be locked on its respective chain while an original 1:1 proxy token is deployed on Wanchain in the form of WBTC, which can be easily  sended across addresses, token generation events, DEX trades, dApps etc.

In order to sign up for invitation-only Alpha testing, you can fill in registration form in Wanchain's Medium.

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