The LEEKICO platform launched a refund mechanism


Due to bearish trends, most of the prices for tokens entering the exchanges continue to decline, regardless of the quality of the project. Therefore, for the sake of users' interests, LEEKICO will make changes to the relevant conditions for projects that intend to conduct ICO on their platform.

Super Voting Nodes, related to the platform, after studying and evaluating the quality of the project will regularly recommend high-quality projects to the platform. Also, the threshold for projects that want to be listed on the platform will be raised. To pass the threshold, the following conditions must be met:

1. Tokens should be listed in the CoinMarketCap rating in one of the top 100 exchanges in terms of trading volume.

2. The average trading volume for the last 7 days is at least $ 1 million per day.

3. The token price after listing on authorized exchanges within 7 days should be higher than the ICO price during 36 hours.

Projects meeting all three of the above conditions will be considered successful. In order to maximize the interests of investors, if the token price falls below 50% or more of the ICO price, the sale of the tokens will be regarded as unsuccessful. At this stage, LEEKICO will launch a return on investment mechanism for users.

Users who would like to refund must return the tokens back within seven days after the announcement of the buy-out. The platform will charge users 10% of tokens as a processing fee.

In the priority, LEEKICO will consider the users’ interests, make timely changes in accordance with feedback, creating a fair, transparent and efficient ecosystem of fundraising for the ICO.

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