Michael Nguyen
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Michael Nguyen

  • Country
  • USA
  • City
  • Orange County, California Area
  • Education
  • Nanyang Technological University, University of California San Diego

Mike’s 30-year career spans across multiple industries; from non-profits, advanced energy programs and policy to IT research and development, international manufacturing operation and markets development. Mike is a prolific inventor with 17 patents and four industry awards for technology innovation. 

Over the last seven years, Mike’s work focused on California’s ambitious energy programs and policies. He works with ratepayers and environmental advocacy groups, utilities, technology companies, research institutes and federal agencies to develop performance-based and customer-driven energy programs. He has worked with key stakeholders including California Energy Commission and Public Utility Commission.

Currently, Mike is spearheading Communalife, a non-profit that focuses on the empowerment of communities to attain sustained and vibrant community life. He develops comprehensive modeling of zero-net energy and low-carbon future scenarios for the cities. He provides independent analysis to assist local governments and communities in making informed decisions for their own energy future.

Areas of expertise
▪ Business Operation & Manufacturing Management 
▪ Sales & Distribution Channel Marketing & Outreach Campaigns
▪ New Business & Market Development 
▪ Strategic Partnership & Coalition-Building
▪ Energy Investment Project Analysis & Data Analytic  
▪ Advanced Energy Policy Design & Program Implementation  
▪ Zero-Net-Energy and Zero-Net-Carbon Community Design 
▪ Emerging Technology R&D
▪ Business Plan & Grant Development  
▪ Financial & Budget Management  
▪ Lean Process & Continuous Operational Improvement

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