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Haifeng Qu

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Qu Haifeng , senior expert in China data center industry, is the vice chairman of China Data Center Expert Committee, research fellow of Infrastructure technical support department of Alibaba Group, focusing on the construction and operation of Alibaba IDC.

Since 1999, Qu Haifeng has served in a number of organizations including Dr. Peng , 21Vianet, Ningxia West Cloud Valley, with great experience of practice and innovation in various areas such as data center industry standardization system; data center investments and operations, technology management and services, energy planning and implementation , renewable energy usage data centers etc..

In recent years , through a series of projects building cloud computing data centers, Qu Haifeng contributed to the campaign of China data center industry transforming to cloud computing infrastructure at higher level and with string drive.

In Aliaba culture, everyone has a business nick name, Qu Haifeng’s nick name is pronounced as”Yun Ba”, which can be translated as " cloud dam ", meaning to build a stable and sustainable infrastructure for cloud computing.

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