Grant Sohn
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Grant Sohn

  • Country
  • South Korea
  • City
  • Seoul
  • Education
  • Stanford University

After a very rewarding stint in business consulting, I have had the honor of building several projects from scratch - gaining battlescars and wisdom along the way. 

At Rocket Internet, I helped expand a short term accommodations platform across Asia (Singapore, S. Korea, Japan, HK, and more). In 2012, with my co-founder Richard, we started Spoqa and grew it over the past seven years to become South Korea’s largest brick-and-mortar rewards platform.

Leveraging our experience and network with Spoqa and inspired by blockchain technology, we started Carry. Our project is a blockchain rewards platform that revolutionizes the way transaction data is shared by turning it into a commodity that consumers directly control. We are building a fast-growing community of merchants, users, and supporters. Join us on the journey!

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