Rick Schmitz
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Rick Schmitz

  • Country
  • Netherlands
  • City
  • Amsterdam Oud-Zuid en Rivierenbuurt, North Holland Province
  • Education
  • PHP school, Aloysius College Den Haag, Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam

LegalThings started in 2014 as a platform to digitize agreements. Rather than just generating text and automating signing, we focused on the logic within a contract. This allowed companies can run their in- and external business processes much more efficient. 

Early 2016 we were the first in Europe to add proof of existence (using the Bitcoin blockchain) in our application for the documents being signed / agreed. By doing so we introduced the blockchain to organizations, showing it was useful for more than digital currency.

In 2017 we introduced LiveContracts on the LegalThings One platform. On the platform organizations and integrators are able to create decentralized workflow applications. With our technology governments and multinationals are able to collaborate on inter-organizational workflows without replacing their current systems. 

See what our blockchain technology can do for your organization www.legalthings.one

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