Yawei Cui Ph.d.
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Yawei Cui Ph.d.

  • Страна
  • Canada
  • Город
  • Toronto
  • Образование
  • Chongqing Normal University, Yunnan University, Sichuan University, Draper University, University of Toronto

As an entrepreneurial veteran of international finance based in Toronto Canada, I travel around the world to build strong relationships with global experts, connect them into exciting win-win situations, and work with them to create meaningful and impactful programs and projects around the world.

I have been crossing borders and building international bridges, particularly between China and the west, for over 20 years. My major focus is financial services, while drawing on my background in philosophy, aesthetics, art and literature, sociology, cultural studies, film-making and education.

Over the last few years I have applied my passion for learning as a Senior Academic Director within the China training/consulting business within Moody’s Analytics. Our group is now the leading provider of international training/consulting for Chinese financial services industry, and has partnered with many of China’s top financial institutions and regulators. I am a passionate ambassador of bridging knowledge, experience and actual businesses between China and the West. Every day I work on interesting challenges faced by our clients to learn and develop new solutions. 

I have developed one of the strongest global networks of industry talent to support the needs of our Chinese client. That community includes hundreds of executives and professionals from Wall Street, Silicon Valley, and most major financial centers including London, Tokyo, Chicago, Singapore, Hong Kong, Paris, Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Luxembourg, Milan, Amsterdam, Geneva, Zurich, Madrid, Barcelona and Sydney.  

My colleagues view me as an expert at sourcing, understanding, and coaching talent to succeed in China. I am also known as a practical perfectionist when it comes to academic direction focused on quality, timeliness, applicability and most importantly ethics. 

I sincerely welcome anyone with expertise and interest to connect with me and share your knowledge with our wonderful community!

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