Brian Watson, Phd
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Brian Watson, Phd

  • Страна
  • South Africa
  • Город
  • Cape Town Area
  • Образование
  • University of Cape Town, Arizona State University, Stanford University

Brian is a Business Development Associate at Elixxir, a revolutionary blockchain platform led by Dr. David Chaum in Los Angeles, California.

Previously, Brian worked as a Senior Associate at Invictus Capital, specializing in cryptocurrency fund design, tokenomics, early stage investing in the blockchain ecosystem and drafting reports, whitepapers and public facing company articles.

Before transitioning into working in blockchain technology, Brian worked as a postdoctoral researcher at Stanford University in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering. Here he worked on the development of chemical strategies and new solar cell designs to enhance the thermomechanical stability of printable photovoltaic technologies like perovskite solar cells. This work resulted in the invention of the Compound Perovskite Solar Cell.

Brian studied chemistry and biochemistry at the University of Cape Town and later completed his PhD as an organic chemist in the field of artificial photosynthesis at Arizona State University. His research spans complex organic synthesis, electrochemistry, hybrid materials synthesis, fracture mechanics and solar cell engineering. Brian is uniquely skilled in his ability to develop a chemical strategy from conception, through synthesis and characterization to completion including mechanical failure of materials.

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