Dan Hughes
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Dan Hughes

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My career has spanned a number of sectors within software & technology development.

I started my career as a games developer on entertainment titles for PC's and consoles, and helped me hone a number of skills. Games are commonly pushing the boundaries of the hardware that they are running on, and as such developers of titles need to be able to think astutely and "out of the box". 

This has proved to be my most valuable skill and allowed me to consistently deliver a number of "firsts" within a large number of fields, from mobile services, telecoms, financial systems to my current projects in distributed ledger technologies.

I was one of the first to develop applications for NFC technology and contactless payment services such as mobile wallets. I have worked closely with a number of mobile OEM's and operators such as Nokia, Sony Ericsson, T-Mobile, Samsung and others via my successful start-up, KDB Technology where I held positions of CEO/CTO and chief architect..

After exiting KDB, I discovered Bitcoin and the digital currency movement. Bitcoin is great first step, but is not without flaws. After a period of investigation I decided to attempt to develop a more complete solution, thus I started the Radix project.

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