Mauricio Urraco
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Mauricio Urraco

  • Страна
  • United Kingdom
  • Город
  • Stoke-on-Trent
  • Образование
  • National University of the Center of the Buenos Aires Province

I am a Software Engineer and Full-Stack Developer from Argentina with an excellent combination of academic record and strong hands-on technical background. I have graduated from the National University of the Center of Buenos Aires Province, UNCPBA, with 8.06/10 general score. I like to take a pragmatic approach to engineering: prototyping, launching early and experimenting, and I am also passionate about coding and software design.


➤ Software developer - Most of my work has been in Java, but I am familiar with JavaScript/TypeScript and Python among others.
➤ Experience working with microservices architecture: Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Eureka, Ribbon, Zuul and Hystrix. 
➤ Good knowledge of algorithms and data structures.
➤ Experience in modern web development: Bootstrap, HTML5 & CSS3, AngularJS/2+, Sass.
➤ Experience with SQL and noSQL databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB), and search engine frameworks (ElasticSearch).
➤ Familiar with Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, NetBeans, Visual Studio, Atom, etc.
➤ Familiar with Agile and Scrum development.

About me:

✔ I strongly believe that communication is a key factor on the road to a successful team.
✔ I am accomplished at talking at a very low level with my technical counterparts but I am equally able to explain technical details to non-technical people.
✔ I enjoy reviewing my work and providing (and receiving) constructive feedback.

Additional Information:

✔ Willing to relocate.
✔ Argentine passport up to date.
✔ German citizenship (EU passport up to date).

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