Vedran Novoselac
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Vedran Novoselac

  • Страна
  • Croatia
  • Образование
  • University of Zagreb

As an experienced (mostly) Linux backend developer and architect, my skills cover to varying degrees topics such as: design and specification, Agile, code quality, implementation, testing, refactoring and maintenance, configuration, release management, code and package management, build automation, deployment, and documentation.

I fluently speak C++, Python, Java, and bash. I'm intelligible speaker of C, SQL, JavaScript, and HTML. I can murmur CSS, Haskell, and Ruby. I have experience in integration and design with both relational and non-relational databases.

My latest project entails working on a multi-platform client domain layer, covering Android, iOS, and Windows. The domain layer covers cryptography, persistence, and networking as part of a larger system guaranteeing end-to-end encryption.

I've been fulfilling DevOps role as demanded by the past projects, where I designed and/or maintained network topology, SSL management, reverse proxies, build/testing/deployment automation, package management (mirrors and in-house repositories), and some basic cloud management in AWS EC2 environment.

Wider adoption of blockchain expanded my interests towards cryptocurrency trading and technologies, but also made me an avid explorer in area of blockchain cryptosystems and their applications in the real world.

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